Introduction of Universal Joints
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H Series
H Series PDF:96 KB (Page 2)
The first & only in Japan!
A steering joint using cold forged yoke.
The materials of high precision stable stabilise pivot torque and angular play at a little level.
Flexible in design due to little swing diameter.
High rigidity and light in weight.
Completed products are able to weld. Therefore, a small lot production can be acceptable.
Widely used from low displacement cars to luxury cars.
To the steering joint details !

S Series
S Series PDF:210 KB (Page 7) CAD data
The origin of KYOWA.
The ultimate joint recognized in the world.
Stocked as a standard item of off-the-shelf without any additional machining.
Standard of pin type, key types, quick change type and with intermediate shaft type.

N Series
N Series PDF:148 KB (Page 4)
Popular type of the same materials and the heat treatment as
S Series.
For diversified applications of any production loat at low cost.

F Series
F Series PDF:95 KB (Page 4)
General purpose compact cross type equipped with needle bearing.
Applicable for high speed running.
Standard item of additional process, such as key types, quick change type and with intermediate shaft type are all line up.

C Series
C Series PDF:38 KB (Page2)
Using with own developed cold forged yoke.Compact swing diameter.Equipped with needle bealing.
Mainly suitable to mass production due to low cost.

K Series
K Series
PDF:45 KB (Page 2)
Propeller shaft for industrial use.